Hi, I'm Josh, and I like to design tools for humans.

My approach to design is to address the root cause of people’s needs, whether that’s in products, process, or in organizations. Lately, I've been doing a lot of thinking about a human-centered approach to machine learning.


joshlovejoy at gmail dot com

Josh Lovejoy is a Staff User Experience Designer in the Experimental Design Group at Google, where he works at the intersection of product design, ethics, and artificial intelligence. He believes that human-centered design thinking can change the world for the better; that by seeking to address the unmet needs of people—instead of just technological opportunity—we can build tools that nourish, restore, and augment human capability.

Josh leads UX for People + AI Research (PAIR), a Google initiative to conduct fundamental research, invent new technology, and create frameworks for design in order to drive a humanistic approach to artificial intelligence. Prior to that, he led AI UX for the Google Clips camera and co-founded a cross-company program dedicated to advancing machine learning fairness.

Before Google, Josh worked at Amazon and led a startup in the video game industry.